Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paper Mom and The Bus Stop

Every morning I put my girls on the bus, I stand there with coffee in hand waving furiously, sending them off with love and good wishes. I am amazed at how they NEVER wave back. They practically hide in the seat, avoiding the window so they don't have to acknowledge my existence.

Yet, my afternoon kindergartner proudly announces the bus is coming, "Kiss me mommy, extra kiss, huggie" He hops on and always glances back at me proudly. I hear the other kids greet him in unison with glee and then the entire bus of sweet kindergartners waves, and occasionally blows kisses to me as the bus pulls out of sight.

The difference a few years can bring...

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Rsanchi said...

Better a late comment than not at all!
I too, get my fourth grader on her bus every morning. What I get a kick out of is all the OTHER kids furiously waving at me from the windows! The ability to be there with my child in the morning is my choice and a privilege. I wave and make silly faces at Maura and all the other kids to send them off with a dose of warmth, silliness, and a sense of community. I've got a year and a half left of it so I'll try to get my fill of it now! I'll miss it when she's off to middle school- NEXT YEAR!!! Yikes! Happy New Year!


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