Monday, December 13, 2010

Funerals and grocery stores....

I can’t believe it’s December and Christmas is only two weeks away.  I had big plans for a relaxing December, trying to be fully aware of the season, our family, peace, harmony and common good.  Suddenly, it’s TWO weeks until 40, two weeks until Christmas, two weeks until my parents and our little family reunion, two weeks until school vacation and I feel unprepared.  My wheels are spinning and I am not sure which direction to turn.  I even feel a bit of bloggy guilt, I’ve been horrible about posting my daily thoughts so here are two quick thoughts as 40 is making me a bit more reflective...

I can no longer pass a funeral procession without tearing up.  I often see them as I pass the Cathedral on my way to work.  I am not sure why this happens now and never used to.  Life is so fragile, to love and be loved is really a honor and to know that family are filing by one after another, slowly with their car headlights on,  dressed in black to pay their final respects somehow deserves my tears, even if I have no clue who they are.

While checking out at the grocery store I realized the “Go Green” bring your own grocery bags initiative is sort of comical when you see all the coupons the register spits out with my receipt.  Today the cashier had to string them back and forth to make a little wad of paper coupons as she wished me a good day.   I guess I will recycle those too!

So I am going to go plan the menu for the week that my parents are in town.  That will make me feel a bit accomplished today.  

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