Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I am officially 40 and Fab!

Oh my favorite Paper Mom readers… are you asking, where the heck is Paper Mom?
I am so sorry to keep you waiting for a post.
So much has been going on….the biggest news?
I am now officially 40 and fabulous!
As so many of you know my dear parents are in town and all the preparation leading up to Christmas and their visit was keeping me from blogging.  Now they are here and we are enjoying spending every minute together.  Which means it’s keeping me from blogging.  So let’s just officially state, I am taking a break from Paper Mom for the rest of the year with a sincere commitment to making 2011 the best blogging year ever.  I have many thoughts to share with you as I begin my journey into my 40’s.  I know we can learn a lot from one another.  Whew, just officially stating that I am taking a blogging break helps melt away all that bloggy guilt I’ve been carrying.  Saturday starts a new year and I’ll be ready…. Until then, I hope you have the opportunity to share some laughter with friends and family.  I’ll talk to you soon.


CT Avon Rep said...

Congrats on Reaching the Fabulous Forties! (0;}
You'll find them to be quite entertaining & will give you plenty to write about in your blogging

Paper Mom said...

I was happy to get through the day... something about "the Day" now I am ready.... Thanks for reading.

My First Card said...

wow, what a fabulous blog you have. I love your overall design. Congratulations on being 40 and Fab. I can't wait to see more of your crafts soon :) my first card.


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