Friday, June 24, 2011

Five for Friday

Life is moving way too fast... 
I am not sure which end is up! Softball all-stars (The World's Greatest Husband is the the coach - the commitment is HUGE) has thrown me into a funk along with end of school, work, chores, and our yard which I am fondly renaming "The Jungle."
Yes, I am feeling a little wacky...
But, here are five great things about today...

  1. First game of all-stars today! If we win - we play tomorrow too!
  2. Our middle schoolers are at orientation right now! Big Kids!!
  3. I only need to fold 13 more sheets of paper to complete another beautiful oversized paper ball.  (now that makes me happy!!! and it has become my 10PM therapy)
  4. Party tomorrow
  5. Party Sunday (in the jungle with the softball team)
That's all for now paper peeps.... let's say a prayer for the state workers who are on the verge of layoffs... I may be adding clickable advertising on this blog if our family gets one.... fingers crossed..... 

Birthday love to my beautiful god son... his birthday week and his Auntie Paper Mom turns out to be a dud! 

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