Thursday, June 23, 2011

Graduation Love

With all this rain and indoor graduation ceremonies.... I am thinking of all the graduates from blended families....Why, you ask?
Well, with graduation or any other big school event bad weather often moves ceremonial things indoors and with moving things indoors there is often a restriction on the number of tickets allowed for each family.  Sometimes that ticket threshold is two... so of course biological parents would be the proper ticket holders.  Sometimes that number increases and that may mean three maybe four... with blended families that means a power struggle for tickets...... step mo's - grandparents - step grandpo's you get the picture..It can be a big ol' mess - quick.  I remember when we first jumped into the blender... having to "be on call" with the main office waiting for the word for an extra ticket as Mom, Dad and Mom's parents enjoyed a promotion ceremony.  It worked out in the end, I was "granted" access but what a stressor.  So today I congratulate the graduates and send special paper love to the step-mos and step-dads who may have to be patient while waiting for their seat at the ceremony.  Step parenting isn't always glamorous but it does have it's rewards.   

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