Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Times They are a changing....

I've recently had a few examples of the generational divide smack me right in the face.  My kids are of a different era and it is becoming apparent each day.

Do you remember this?

Our kids recently found a rotary phone in a closet and thought it was amazing.  Of course they wanted to plug it in and see if it works.  The World's Greatest Husband encouraged them to " Go ahead, give it a try, call me" and our 15 year old daughter excitedly picked up the handle off the cradle, ready to roll and looked at us with big eyes and said, "How do you do it?"

Only to be followed up by a text from my ex-husband that said:
Watching a movie with our son and he asked "What's that?" --  It was a phone booth
 Yet another example became apparent yesterday as my daughter shared her new favorite "app" with me.  Ok, first... let's not forget, we grew up with no "apps."  Second, she proceeded to ask if I knew about MASH?  HA, ha, ha, ha, did I know about MASH?  I had a 7th grade notebook that had me marrying Rick Springfield or Rodney Latham about a zillion times... we had kids, I was a teacher, we had a mansion and a SUV.

Do you remember playing this?  

 Yeah, Well now it's an app on your kids phone.  You know longer have to say to your girlfriends, "Tell me when to stop" when making the swiggle in the middle of your mash picture.   The app does it for you.

A right of passage, gone digital.

Haven't blogged in about a bazillion years.  It's a busy spring here at Paper Mom headquarters.  Love to all the paper peeps!

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Julie said...

OK, I'll admit it. I've never heard of MASH - I tought you were refering to the TV show!


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