Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who misses Paper Mom Posts?

I am not excited to start another post with... "Where the heck has paper mom been..?.."  I am searching for a quick pick me up for some blogging inspiration.  Stay tuned people, have faith.  I really do want to write again and my only shot and hope will be summer time when things slow down a bit.  Yet, slow down seems to be a foggy dream.   A bit of a blip in the story of our life between work, school, end of year activities, baseball, softball, a major surgery for our girl and wisdom teeth popped out for a 41 year old Paper Mom, our life has been thrown a little out of whack.  It's always the way, right? Well I vow to find blogger inspiration even if it starts with some generic writing prompts to get the juices flowing.  I wish I were brave enough to post a picture of my chipmunk cheeks because that would certainly get the conversation started but I think I will save myself from that embarrassment for now.

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Cheryl Salva said...

Hope you feel better soon - sounds like life is staying super busy for you and your family. Sometimes it feels like we are caught in a surf and just when you think it is clear to stand up a wave knocks you back down. Let me know when you feel better - I'd love to meet you for a visit to Michaels and a lunch at Panera :) I am on summer break so anytime would be good!



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