Sunday, September 9, 2012

Flowers for Obama, Thorns for Romney

My 2008 buttons - still have the campaign sign in my garage.

They say that the winner of the presidential election coincides with elementary school mock voting all over the country. Today I learned why.

Our family of five is working together this afternoon.  The older kids are helping to close the pool and the younger kids are helping to move some brush as we prepare for a trip to the dump.  To my surprise, every time our 8 year old cub scout turns the corner with a pile of sticks in his hands he announces an election tid-bit.

With a bunch of hydrangea in his hands he states... Flowers for Obama thorns for Mitt Romney (who in our house we affectionately call Mittens.)  Next trip through he says.... Obama creates jobs, Mitt Romney takes jobs.  You may not think the kids are listening to the dinner table conversations, but they obviously do.... as illustrated so clearly today.  When asked, "how do you know all this?" he stated, I heard my mom and dad arguing about it in the driveway when he came to pick me up on Friday.  Yep, that's me and my EX- husband - classic.  

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