Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Loves...

My first Monday Loves Post...
It's Monday and I love, love, love these three things....

 Downy Wrinkle Releaser..

I call it the poor man's iron.  This stuff is MAGIC!  Simply spray, smooth, dry and wear.  I don't have free samples for my readers but I encourage you to visit for a $1.00 off coupon .  I recently told a friend about this magic and it dawned on me.... as working women juggling it all.... we should all know about this little gem of a time saver.  

Next... Monday Love, Love, Love
I love, love, love my Lia Sophia Bel Aire necklace.  It is the perfect addition to any everyday or simple elegant look.  I wear mine all the time!  Check out my favorite Lia Sophia Advisor and friend... to learn more about this and other fabulous pieces

My third and final Monday love, love, love is... 
I am a huge fan of ShopRite of Norwich online grocery shopping!  It is easy peasy to use and the staff make it  right and good every time.  I shop at all hours, on line from my laptop, I've sent my order with special instructions, requests and comments.  They have called before completing an order just to confirm a questionable item, they have called after an order to make sure it was correct.  They take my coupons, load the car and absolutely will not accept tips, I've tried!! I zip into the special parking spots... I zip out, it all takes 10 minutes max!  With five kids, I completely eliminate the "Can I get this?"  or "Will you buy this" whining that used to happen with each trip.  I also am not tempted to buy those fancy dancy display items that seem to lure people like me in.  This process keeps me on track and within budget.  Try it. 

Whew, that is my first Monday Love Post and it sure feels like a commercial... but honest to God, there is no gain on my part... just the joy of sharing a few things that may make my life a little sweeter.  

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Sally Crusan said...

I read your Monday Loves on Tuesday, but rest assured, the love carried over to Tuesday! My son was leaving for work with a wrinkled shirt (he had no clue it was wrinkled ?!?! )I taught him the wet facecloth in the dry trick, but can't wait to pick up the Wrinkle Spray.

Of course, thanks for including moi in your first Monday Loves post. So fun!

I'm jealous of your Shop Rite!


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