Friday, July 22, 2011

Five for Friday

Five great things about today....

  1. It's summer for sure! Heat, Heat, Heat! Our pool was 88 degrees yesterday. So glad we aren't shoveling snow off a roof!
  2. My husband surprised me with a newspaper and D&D Med Hazelnut with cream and 2 sweet and lows. Ordering coffee stresses him out because he doesn't drink it and always orders it wrong... I take it with one sweet and low but it was quite a treat, I am not complaining, he is the World's Greatest!
  3. The World's Greatest Husband got transfered - no more 60 minute stressful commute to the office.  We can see his office from our bedroom bathroom window when the leaves fall off the trees.  THIS IS GOOD NEWS!!! I sort of feel freedom in my own little world, knowing he is now in town to help if needed.
  4. Tonight is date night to celebrate.
  5. Two more weeks until our kid free week.  I love them all but a week with just my husband, a clean house and going out to eat sounds like a break that I deserve.  

Paper Peeps, stay cool, enjoy the weekend and check back.... 
Happy Friday!

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