Friday, September 16, 2011

five for Friday

Five great things about today...

Fall is here.  The World's Greatest Husband informed me. . . "It's all down hill from here" He knows I HATE winter. When I say HATE, I mean dislike passionately.  It's coming.

Date night and boy do I need it.  This has been a long and stressful week. My husband left me a greeting card on the kitchen counter, that should clue you in to the level of stress.... I need greeting cards to help me through.

Met some wonderful librarians yesterday.  Paper Mom took her show on the road  inviting some new friends to learn paper crafting with me.  It was a quick intro only 12 minutes, I was a bit more jumbled than usual but I think my passion came through. Because those of you who know me well, know - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE paper!

The new Michael's store opens this weekend.  I hate to admit this - but it sort of feels like Christmas to me.  I simply cannot wait to go check out this new store.

Ran into a friend at the bank this morning.  Always nice to see a familiar, smiling face to chat it up with.

Another busy weekend ahead, enjoy the sunshine !

1 comment:

Julie said...

The librarians loved meeting you! You did a great job - you were well-spoken, confident, and clearly passionate on the subject. What more could a gal do?


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