Monday, September 19, 2011

New Michael's Craft Store in Town

Yesterday when I woke up, I told the World's Greatest Husband, "It sort of feels like Christmas"
The new Michael's store had it's grand opening yesterday and I admit, I was one of those crazy crafty Diva's that was counting down the days.  So here is my top ten take on the new store.

1.  It does seem a bit smaller than other Michael's stores but the paper section is all I really paid attention to.
2.  The fact that Michael's is now only 10 minutes from my home simply makes me smile and feel warm, cozy and ready for any last minute project or idea.
3. The staff was friendly and attentive. I was "pre-cashed out"  It was strange.  Two sales people stood side by side while I was in line, unpacked my basket, bagged my items and handed me a gift card to simply hand to the cashier to pay.
4. The prize wheel for the grand opening made my palms sweat with anticipation.  I won an oversized leaf punch.  Totally worth the 10 minutes I had to wait to play and paper peeps..... they are giving away prizes all week.
5. I met some other paper crafters in front of the Martha Stewart section and it made me realize that paper crafters are a fun bunch.  I wanted to invite them over for coffee.  I did invite them to my paper workshop at the Library in October, I have no shame.
6. I forgot my coupons which is really out of character for me.  I think I was simply in a crafters haze as I left the house.
7. Did I mention that this store is only ten minutes - back roads - from my house?
8. I bought glue guns for $1.49  A Great Bargain! and yes, I bought paper too.
9. Do you think it is weird if I go everyday this week?  You do have to enter the raffle daily.
10. I forgot my coupons so that means.... I still have coupons..... I am headed back tomorrow.  I think those cashiers will be calling me by name in no time.

Happy crafting
PS - My Monday Loves . . . is . . .  Michael's Craft Store

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