Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Sometimes we are lucky enough to find that one girlfriend that changes everything.    The kind where you don’t have to explain the players, you can finish each other sentences, you’ve done the ugly cry and meant it, you’ve laughed until you’ve peed a little and time passing doesn’t seem to really matter.  I’ve had lots of friends throughout the course of my life, the neighborly kind, the good girlfriend kind, the our kids go to school together variety… but no one compares to my one FRIEND who ironically, I call “Friend” no seriously we call each other “Friend”, we sign cards “Friend” and buy each other corny trinkets that say “Friend” we use the word as if it were our name.

We met in college.  Our friendship has seen us through…
Marriage, birth, miscarriage, divorce, death, illness, parent issues, parent health issues, re-marriage, step-kids, jobs, buying and selling houses, travel and shopping and that’s just the stuff after our crazy college days.    We’ve been through thick and thin.  We’ve loved each other unconditionally since the day we met, rarely having a disagreement.

This week the phone rang and it was another big life moment for us. This time, not the good kind.  Rather, the he kind that makes you feel like your heart is breaking.  The kind where fear makes you stop dead in your tracks, sit back on the bed and simply have a little cry together.    Tears that are mixed in with a few giggles that angels have sent because you don’t know what else to do. 

So now we start another chapter where our friendship and prayers are needed in the biggest way.  Sometimes that isn’t easy as we are 65 minutes from one another.  I promise to do my best.
Ultimately, I know things are going to be ok, they have to be.

Friend, are you reading this?  Things are going to be ok. 

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