Monday, April 9, 2012

Opening a bottle of wine - Quite a task!

I am not a drinker.
But I do have a reoccurring wine memory of when I was divorcing....
After many battle royals with the ex, I wanted a glass of wine, I only had a cheap 99 cent key chain wine opener during those days.  I would struggle until I simply wanted to gnaw at the cork.  Some nights I remember cutting through it with a knife and having to strain the wine.  Much like the marriage, always a struggle.  I just simply wanted my glass of wine to unwind.  Then one day a girlfriend changed my life and turned me on to the Pampered Chef wine opener.  That thing is magic and it a must have gift for any of your girlfriends who may be going through a divorce (trust me).  I thought my wine opening problems were solved for life.... until tonight.

My kids are gone.
His kids are gone.
The World's Greatest Husband picked up a shift at the hospital, he's gone.

And all momma wants is to finish the Easter bottle of wine.  I had to giggle because even with the magic opener near by, the cork was stuck.  I think we jammed it in too far last night, just so it would fit on the fridge shelf rather than the fridge door.  I had a flashback.... started to sweat a little, I actually thought could I call my husband and ask him to come home for a few minutes and open this sucker for me? Instead.... picture me with the bottle between my knees, both hands pulling at the cork considering (only for a second)... could I pull it out with my teeth?  No it wasn't pretty, it wasn't dainty but I am enjoying a glass of wine as I type.   Priorities Paper Peeps, Priorities....

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Your husband said...

Being a drinker has its advantages. Love the flowers.


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