Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Didn't Have to Share Popcorn with my Cub Scout

Life has a way of happening...

Last night I took my eight year old out on a date.  It's not often that 4 out of 5 kids have overnight plans.  So while the World's Greatest Husband pulled his Saturday night shift at the hospital, I took my cub scout out for a night on the town. We started with a hot dog at our favorite outdoor joint and followed that with a screening of The Odd Life of Timothy Green.  It was a perfect night.  My cub scout is still at that age where he will let me hold his hand in the parking lot, likes to give me kisses and still squeezes me with an "I love you Mom."   Our kids are all still pretty affectionate even at their tween/teen stage but the cub scout gives love generously without looking over his shoulder, without a text buzzing in on our hug or without a rolling of the eyes.  It's pure, genuine and honest, and I know my days are numbered with this simple joy.  Soon he will be looking over his shoulder to see who is watching and I can kiss my hand holding good bye.  But for today, I will take it and I will write in his journal of this special date so he knows how much this night  has meant to me, his forever mommy.

Now on the lighter side, the World's Greatest Husband and I usually share a popcorn and he usually has command of the container...  the power and control of holding and eating my very own bag of corn at the show was an exhilarating movie perk!  Who knew?

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