Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My heart almost burst at the city council meeting & that could be messy.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with blog posts floating in my head.  I feel an urgency to write, to post, to read.  I always have the best of intentions for you, my favorite Paper Mom readers.  There are other days where the posts run dry.  Zippo. Done. Toast.  And then there was yesterday, 1 million post ideas and life gets in the way.  Our five kids are all present and accounted for on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.    Add to that: games, practices and activities, yes, life sometimes gets in the way and oh by the way, I live for Fridays. 

I simply can’t let yesterday slip by without professing my love for the World’s Greatest Husband.  Ever have those moments where you are so darn proud of your husband that you want to put an ad in the newspaper? I never had that feeling until meeting the World’s Greatest years ago and although I can’t afford a newspaper ad, I have a blog….Last night we marched our kids into the city council meeting, dressed in softball garb to request $10,000 for field improvements to our softball complex.  My husband was the second to speak.  He said it all so nicely.  But the part that always makes my heart sing? He said, “my three daughters”  he said “my two sons”  I know it may sound silly to take a moment to reflect on those statements but in a blended life, there is so much messaging that takes away from the family we are building.  Hearing my husband state what we live daily, in a public format, hearing him advocate for “his girls” nearly made my heart burst.   Yep, he is a keeper.


Julie said...

How wonderful that you and your family are out there trying to make a difference in our community. Your guy may be the World's Greatest Husband, but you may just be the World's Best Mom!

Paper Mom said...

Julie, you are a wonderful friend, thank you.


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