Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am addicted to the Oprah Behind the Scenes Show on OWN.  In my 40 years on this earth, I’ve had a few shows that I watched faithfully, Party of five, Thirty Something, Allie McBeal, Ed, Grey’s Anatomy and Oprah.  Today it is so easy to be addicted to a show… DVR makes it quick and easy… setting the timer, recording every episode, zipping through commercials.  SO FUN!  Well I am finding that the behind the scenes 25 Oprah show may just be like crack for an Oprah addict.  Favorite Paper Peeps, I love, love, love, this show… I wish I worked for this woman, I wish I could hang with the producers, I studied the clip with Steadman, replayed the clip of Oprah in her home, there is something about the behind the scenes, the details, seeing our girl in an off camera sort of way, the clothes, the amazing lighting, it all makes me feel close to my girlies O and Gayle.  Of course now that Gayle has a show too, I can get my girlfriend fill every single day!  OOoooo life is good!  I have now started watching the Oprah show with anticipation of the behind the scenes show that will air weeks later.  Do you think that is odd?
Ok, remember peeps, I’ve met Steadman,  I think Oprah is next….

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