Tuesday, February 1, 2011

snowflakes and my husband's inner child

When one is not in the blogging groove it feels like a ten pound weight resting on my eyeballs as I drift to sleep.  When one is in the blogging groove, the little notepad by my nightstand is full of scribbles. If I had to identify the creative block it would be white, fluffy, cold, wet and icy… yep, I am blaming the weather, the storms, the snow for my bloggy block.  I’ve said it before… I’ll say it again…. I am not a winter girl.  I am not a snow bunny by any stretch.  The anxiety that these storms have brought me is probably on the tad of unusual and on the edge of being odd.  I hate feeling this way, but simply can’t shake it, well how can one shake it when the storms keep coming one after another?   So here is my attempt to see the positive in snow…

The World's Greatest Husband recently snow blowed a fun path around our back yard.  The kids loved it, it made for hours of fun.  Running through the path, building around the path, you get the drift.  I swear the World's Greatest Husband loved it too.  He was practically skipping behind his machine.  I attribute this to the fact that he grew up in Miami and never got to enjoy a snow day filled with snowmen and snowballs.  It was his boyhood inner child shining through as he created this path of snow fun.  So here is the positive…. My children as adults will not have to struggle through this inner child snow syndrome because they will know what snow days are all about and they will be sick of them too!  How is that for finding some positive? 

I think my kids are already sick of snow days and are dreading summer school!
Stay safe paper peeps.

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