Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Random Thoughts

Every Black Friday I miss my mom.  We shop so well together it doesn't seem fair to be 1200 miles apart on this important sale day.

Every Black Friday I wish I had a sister.  It seems as though moms, sisters and 4AM shopping are about as American as apple pie.

So I slept in but ventured out at 10 am this morning.  What shocked me the most? everyone shopping on their cell phones.  Seriously what did we do before we had instant, immediate contact to ask what size? - what color?

I don't think I captured any great Black Friday deal but I did find cute styrofoam snowman coffee cups for my morning coffee this holiday season. That makes me smile!

Five for Friday -
1. Shopping Day 2. Date Night 3. Fifty-five degree day 4. Snowman coffee cups 5. Paper deals at TJMaxx.

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