Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sometimes motherhood wears us out....

Sometimes being a mother wears you out.
Four of my children were getting along so nicely.  I was enjoying the laughter and spirit of the moment.  It was perfect.  I knew I could fly to the store to buy adhesive for my paper project without a problem --- they were happy, they were getting along, I was sure that there would be no blood shed, tears or fighting.... I can go shop for twenty minutes in peace.... I simply felt it in my heart. It was my chance to break away.

Sometimes being a mother wears you out.
Five minutes into my shopping trip I had a thought...... the kids were eating grapes and laughing when I left.  Someone might choke on a grape.

Sometimes being a mother wears you out.
I pull into the store parking lot and enter the store.  7 minutes , 8 minutes, 9 minutes.... in only 10 short minutes I had created such a panic for myself I was convinced that someone would be choking on grapes because of all the laughter and silliness.  My peaceful heart had turned into a full blown, get in the car and speed home just to make sure all was ok.  I kept glancing at my phone, knowing that someone would surely call if the choking began.  Down the hill, up the hill, zip into the driveway, no ambulance, no phone call........ it's all ok.

I think I am nuts.

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Anonymous said...

not nuts, just an awesome Mom!!!


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