Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Photo Card Stress

Are you familiar with ordering photo Christmas cards?
Have you too broken a sweat as you try to line up all the kids and say cheese?
There is always one that looks away or is cranky - I have five of them.... kids that is,  and I spend all year trying to capture that darn Christmas card picture.  I must admit, I got one in August.  One perfect picture, everyone has good hair, nice smiles and the lighting of the sun setting on the beach made it a keeper in every way.  I was happy.  To my amazement and delight - we captured another acceptable one this past Sunday at the tree farm, complete with the old man in the red suit, this time all seven of us.    So I bit the bullet and decided on a card that has three spaces for three different photos.  I opted for my two keepers and a loving one of me and the World's Husband to go in the middle... ya know, the middle one representing the glue that keeps this circus together.

I practically skipped into the store knowing that this year our card will be a stunner! I ordered and eagerly awaited my print job.  tick tock, tick tock one hour passes and it's time.

The photo tech actually said, "your card really came out nice" as I waited to pay.  I rip open the package and gasp... .to my absolute horror, I didn't include any text on my fabulous card.  I just pressed print with no closing such as: With Love, or Warm Holiday Wishes.... it's just blank... yep, just blank - no names, no closing, no nothing.... except for three fabulous family photos at the top.

The whole point of the pre-printed family photo card is the fact that you can order 100 of them covering the long list of old high school friends, family, college roommates and former co-workers and NOT HAVE TO SIGN THEM.... although not a warm note, the pre-printed card acknowledges warm holiday greetings for the busy mom on the go... God invented this for women like me.  YA, WELL not this year, maybe next.  I've got to go now... I have 100 cards to personally sign.
With Love,
PaperMom, The World's Greatest Husband, Kid 1, Kid 2, Kid 3, Kid 4 and Kid 5

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