Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paper Mom Holiday Updates

Paper Peeps - What a Christmas Holiday it has been.  Here is the update--

First off, remember our holiday links for good deeds? Well our amazing kids completed 37 good deeds!  It was a wonderful experience that I would recommend for all!  Our kids truly found joy in helping others and making a link on our paper chain for each good deed.... they encouraged one another along the way.  I am so happy that we added this little ditty to our list of  Christmas traditions.  I did give one link to our teenage daughter for keeping her thoughts to herself.  - maybe a stretch for the typical "good deed" but the right course of action for the moment none the less.

Remember our little trip to Kringle Candle in November?  Well I have three updates... during my recent ladies only Christmas of Gold Party I had lots and lots of compliments on my home smelling yummy!  I proudly told my Kringle story to those who hadn't heard it (or read it. Can you believe some of my gal pals don't read this blog?)  The funny thing about that night was when I put out my candles I really did appreciate that they were all white and not a colorful rainbow to compliment the fragrance at hand.  I admit, when I first read about the candles being all white to remain decor neutral I thought that was a stretch in marketing........ ladies, it is actually quite nice.  I have enjoyed the white, it oozes class.    Lastly, I just finished up my first jar candle and put it in the freezer to clean out the wax so I can use it as a decorative jar and hey guess what? Easy peasy, wax popped out and now I have a beautiful glass covered jar to hold some pretty ribbon on my craft desk in my craft room (which is under a major transformation right now).  Did I mention that my mother sent us a candle for our anniversary after reading my blog?  Somedays I swear she is my only reader, I am just glad she pays attention.

The best Christmas present?  Our teenage daughter created a homemade card for each of us and it truly was the best gift she could have given.  I was filled with love to know that our blended family lines blurred with her loving sentiments.  At bedtime all three girls said this was the best Christmas ever and suddenly my Holiday stress melted away.    I slept well.

Now this week has taken a turn.  The World's Greatest Husband's three are with their mom for the rest of the week and my two are with their Dad for a bit.  We are living the life of newlyweds - - -

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