Saturday, February 18, 2012

30 hours with my guy...

So we decided to go on a little post Valentine's Day adventure.  We didn't really have a plan other than we packed a bag, had childcare and a need to be alone.

$70 for a tank of gas
$25 for breakfast at the World's Greatest Husband's favorite diner
$10 for a cookie, coke and and a corn dog
$5 for a bottle of water and change for the parking meter
$25 for a few small prizes at the outlet center
$3 for a cup of coffee
$25 for the valet in the North End
$115 for dinner at Lucca
$120 for a room just outside the city
$20 for two tickets to the JFK Presidential Library
$16 for lunch at the snack shop

Spending 30 hours alone with the World's Greatest Husband in Boston Priceless.......
I love that guy!

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