Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Sad Day for Fans of Davy Jones

I am sad to read about Davy Jones.  I am smiling at all the 40 and 50 something mom's that are commenting on the fond memories of  "The Monkey's" and their tween love affair with Davy.  I once had an up close and personal experience with Davy Jones.  Many years ago I was planning a fundraiser event at a venue within the Mohegan Sun Casino and Davy was appearing the same night.  The staff and guests were very involved with his arrival and appearance.  Apparently he has fans that camp out like crazy women waiting to get a glimpse, wave or a kiss.  They were everywhere! They even crashed our fundraiser (I didn't mind, they spent money at our auction)
Now why do you think I related to this little display of fan craziness?
Yep, because Rick Springfield Fans are the same darn way.
I can remember Rick's last appearance at Mohegan Sun.  I heard he was having a drink at one of the bars and I too wanted to case the joint and stalk the man (oh wait, I did do that the night I met him in Rye, NY)
Yes, I post this picture as often as I can....
Now honestly, I related to those crazy Davy Jones Fans that night and today, although our guy is different our tween love for the rock star remains the same and lives with us forever.  So today I feel sadness for all the fans, all those crazy fans who have spent a lifetime loving this special performer.  I get it.  I feel it.  I wish them peace.  and as far as Rick? I wish him health and happiness.

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