Monday, February 27, 2012

Lent - give up something or add something?

Did I tell you what I gave up for Lent?
Well, I didn't give up anything....
I added something.
HaHahaHa that coming from a woman who doesn't have time to poop.
I am writing a personal handwritten note to someone I care about everyday single day during Lent.
A note of thanks, a thinking of you note, a happy to know you note... you get the picture.  The World's Greatest Husband said it nicely on the way to church, our kids were frantically deciding what to give up because their CCD teachers would be asking at Sunday school - He said,  "sometimes you show sacrifice by adding something to your day."  So there you have it... I am adding a thoughtful exercise, an expression of love to those I care about in the hope that my peaceful Lenten heart will secure my place in heaven and make those receiving my notes feel special.
A good deed all the way around...
Want to join me?

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Anonymous said...

In college and up until marriages, kids, jobs, email, got in the way, my friends and I corresponded by postcard. A quick concise thought, a shared detail of our day, a comment on the newest movie/album/ book that moved us, handwritten on a cool postcard was our lifeline to those(not so) near and dear. We were just lamenting how much we missed those magical missives. So today I did it! I sent a postcard across the country to an old
friend. I stuck some more blank ones in my workbag to send one a day to somebody in a spare moment. Thanks for the challenge- it's much more manageable than giving up chocolate!


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