Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reverse Bucket List

I love when Mama Kat's writing workshop strikes a nerve.... this one certainly did....
Create a reverse bucket list - the top ten things you never want to do.... here are my little lovelies....

1. Return to Eighties Fashion
I never want to feather my hair, wear leg warmers or figure out parachute pants (again.)
2. Play Trivial Pursuit
I never ever, ever want to play Trivial pursuit with my husband.  He claims to be the king of this little game and I am not up for the defeat or bragging rights that his win would inflict on me (possibly for years to come)
3. Divorce
Did that once and it was ugly and seriously took precious years off my little life.
4. Girl Fight
I would totally lose.
5. Camp
Let me be more specific, camp outdoors with my little cub scout's pack or den.
6. Sing
Out loud, in public with an audience of any kind.
7. Get a Tattoo 
So not me.... not to mention the pain part.
8. Prepare for a Math Test of any Kind
My fear of math has only grown with age - I got a 2nd grade math problem wrong while offering homework help this week.
9. Drive a School Bus
God bless all those who can with a happy wave at pick up and drop off.

Do you have anything to add?


melissa carswell said...

AMEN to returning to 80's fashion. What were we thinking !?

Jamie said...

Yes, no shoulder pads. And I shutter going on field trips in school buses. Can you imagine driving that huge thing around every day with 40 kids? FREAK.


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