Thursday, February 18, 2010

78 Years!

Yesterday my friend celebrated her 78th Birthday! She is a woman of distinction, a woman of style, grace and strength. I admire her in so many ways. I love her seasoned take on life. She boils it down to the important stuff like a magician. She can tell me “how it is” or “how it is going to be” in 12.5 seconds! I respect her position and advice, she has raised three boys, loved and lost her dear husband, managed a home, job and business. I trust her.

I am not sure she knows how much I learn from her as she is often simply sharing her life experiences, but to me…. My goodness…. The lessons learned… real life lessons….
  • My kids will only be little for a short time
  • Value all that my husband and I share, not everyone has our love
  • It is only a job, get over yourself!
  • Be polished, care for yourself, people notice
  • Be gracious, be brave, say what you mean, apologize when necessary
  • Be nosey, ask questions, follow up
I could go on and on because with almost every single visit we have, I learn something about myself or our world.

I hope at 78 years young I am just like our birthday girl!

  • Speaking about my husband with deep fondness.
  • Reading, visiting, doing puzzles and passing them on
  • Seeing the goodness in life and in others
  • Helping those who have less than me
  • Golfing in Florida
  • Wearing trendy jeans
  • And projecting a sparkling spirit of confidence that touches those around me.
I hope at 78, I am just like her – a woman of style, grace and strength. Not afraid to tell some almost 40 mom, wife and sister what is truly important in life ( in less than 12.5 seconds…..) Happy Birthday Friend!


Julie said...

What a blessing to have someone like that in your life!

Paper Mom said...

Hey There Julie (my favorite commenting friend!) She's in your life too! Keep guessing....

Patty Ehlers said...

Get hip hooray!! Hopefully I found my way to your blog looking forward to more reading
Love your S I L, Patty


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