Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Creative Ideas for Love on a Budget

The World’s Greatest Husband and I joked that our only date for the next 9 months will be a trip to the movies with the 6 out of ten free movie coupons we have left from his sister’s birthday gift last March. We did our taxes, and the results are not pretty.

While looking for cute, CHEAP Valentine ideas on the internet, I found the best source for fun, sassy and sexy ideas…. Love Actually-blog.blogpot.com. Check it out, you are going to love it!

Speaking of “cheap dates”…. Here is my real life, love actually tip for the money part of marriage…. The World’s Greatest Husband and I have what we affectionately call “money dates”. Honestly, I hate them, they are painful but they keep us on the same financial page. When we were first discussing marriage we identified money as an issue that we needed to partner on. We brainstormed and came up with the “money date”. Here are the rules: Have a money date once a week (ok, I am stretching that… I do try to avoid them if I can) Light a candle. Sit at the kitchen table. Balance check book, create a budget for the next week, look at bills, pay bills, discuss bills and yes on very rare occasions fight over the bills. And, although I don’t look forward to the business part of our little “money date” the social part that we promised to end with makes it all worthwhile. Wink…Wink….

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