Thursday, February 4, 2010

Karma is Boomerang

I am reading The Girl’s Guide to the Big Bold Moves for Career Success. It is a cute, quick boost of strength for a girlie that needs a little career coaching. My favorite little line in the whole book is “Hey, Girly Karma is Boomerang.” I love that and subscribe to that thought all the time!

Here is my personal example…. When experiencing the pain and heartache of divorce I traveled down the ugly road that many women have traveled. I felt paralyzed with fear and anger. I was looking at the world as if it failed me and my kids. It was not a happy time. With all the changes I struggled professionally, financially, and personally. That being said, sometimes divorce really is for the best. What I have now learned through experience is that a marriage and a relationship, are meant to bring out the best in you and children are more resilient than you think.

Ok -- fast forward… through each day I became stronger, less angry and more positive. It is sort of sad to admit, but my divorce allowed me to breathe deep again. My mother once described me as being robbed of my spirit, that was painful to hear but it was the catalyst to find it again. I felt change taking shape and one thing seemed to lead to another…. I was amazed at how situation after situation allowed me to stand taller, be braver, reflect and continuously move forward. I felt the Karma working in my favor.

For a woman who once thought she would never date again (who would be interested in me, mid thirties, two kids?) Well, BOOMERANG - I had one most spectacular Valentine’s Days of my life with three flower deliveries from three different men (Shhhh don’t tell the World’s Greatest Husband – it was early in our dating). BOOMERANG – I was feeling pretty darn desirable that day.

For a woman who once thought she was sort of stuck in a professional place for a while – Boomerang – new job, more money. – BOOMERANG – I was feeling smart and sharp that day.

For a woman who once felt tired and worn out…. BOOMERANG – more and more people started to see my spirit shining and I had more co-workers, family and friends telling me – you look so happy. Hmmm, I think that one was BOOMERANG LOVE and probably a little afterglow….

For a woman who was once afraid of owning a home on her own, I fixed things in my house. BOOMERANG – I can do anything. I can manage the snow, the grass, a broken washing machine and painting the basement.

I am not sure if any of this is truly Karma, is that even the right word? I guess my feeling is, when my life started to change for the better, I felt it and others did too, that lead to more strength and more positive things. Eventually I got my spirit back. When we put forth a positive spirit it returns in a big, big, way. If you approach the day with a positive outlook, knowing it is going to be a great day, making it a great day, most likely…. It will be a great day. LET THE KARMA BOOMERANG.

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