Friday, February 5, 2010

Creativity Keeps me Sane

“Craft time - is me time”... When I spruce up my little creative nook over the garage, I’ll post a photo. Most days the space would scare you. It’s never clean but I truly do know where everything is. It drives me crazy when my kids try to take over this sacred space, I can tell when a magic marker is moved or a piece of pretty paper is misplaced. It is the only place in this house that is “all mine” and honestly, I don’t want their paws on my expensive watercolors or colored pencils. We live in a big house; they can have the rest of it but give me the craft table please! I wanted to share my new little trinket …. Paper clip bookmarks. I’ve made dozens for friends and family. It is the creative therapy that I crave. On Saturday evening the World's Greatest Husband is working at the hospital, my kids are with their dad, my step children will be with their mom after we have dinner, and I feel a serious crafting session coming on…..

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