Thursday, January 27, 2011

Old Man Winter....

Here in CT we just beat our snowiest month on record…. The old record is 45.3 inches.  With today’s storm we beat the total with serious spirit… 56.9 inches.  The best part? We still have a few days to go… So here is my little letter to Old Man Winter. 

Dear Old Man Winter, 
So, I’ve known you for 40 years now, we’ve had a love hate relationship for as long as I can remember. 
I loved you when it meant learning to ski, taking college bus trips to ski (and drink), weekend getaways with my boyfriend at the little Vermont Bed and Breakfast, snow days, snow angels and snowmen. 
I hate you when it means,shoveling, slipping, sliding, mess, sensible shoes, kids home for days on end, delays that mean I am late for meetings, white knuckles from my power grip on the steering wheel, early wake up calls from the superientendant of schools and lots and lots of checks written for the snowplow man who now has a broken plow (on the day of a major storm) 

You get the picture… when I was young and foolish I loved the snow, as a 40 and fabulous mom, wife and professional, I hate the mess…. So, today at age 40 I feel confident enough in my own skin to simply call this one the way I see it… I don’t like you anymore.  I truly don’t need you in my life.  You bring me down, you  don’t bring out the best in me and I am trying to surround myself with those who bring me joy.  Yes, you are a challenge, you are a bit charming when your little flake sparkle in the street light.  I enjoy seeing our busy road when you bring it to a quiet place…. But I am done.  I would really like our relationship to end now.  Please respect my wishes and stay out of my life.  Don’t make this harder than it has to be.   

Best wishes,
Paper Mom

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