Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oprah Beautiful Goodbye & the Ugly Cry

Ok, so many of my many Paper Peeps have been asking….
Paper Mom, where have you been the week Oprah has her final show, no comment, no posts?
Peeps… Here is the breakdown on the past seven days…
  • 60 hour work week for a woman who works part time
  • A kid with two pink eyes and one sinus infection
  • Four softball games
  • One all day softball clinic
  • One DARE graduation for two kids
  • One school concert with two kids
  • One husband who worked until 9:30 on Thursday
  • Three visits from the world’s greatest child care provider
  • Opened one green swimming pool
  • One fundraising event with 180 people and a 14 hour work day
  • One surprise birthday party
  • And three Oprah episodes that made me do the “ugly cry”

It’s been a week to remember…
As I sat with my pad of paper taking notes as Oprah shared her love letter to me, I was in awe of so many important lessons.  It was sort of like a graduation speech, sending us into the world now that we have graduated from our daily dose of Oprah support.  I hope I am ready….
I’ll sign off with this – and trust me, we will be talking about this one….
Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.  Oprah has that sign in her makeup room, I am making a sign for my office right now…

1 comment:

Julie said...

Another milestone in your life, Paper Mom. You'll be stronger for it! Looking forward to that sign appearing in your office .....


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