Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weddings and Mom

The royal wedding was like a mini vacation.  What a treat… the dress, the kiss, another kiss, another dress, hope, love, dreams… it was all the things that a modern day fairy tale are made of.  Although weddings are made of man and wife, I had a personal moment that made me realize the special love that only a mother can provide… and since weddings are on our mind and Mother’s Day is just about here… I’ll share my mother moment.

I spoke of the dress and details to my girls, the other moms and the softball field and my co-workers.   We had open hearts, big eyes and dramatic pause when we spoke of the real life princess.  We loved William and his care for his girl, Kate.  But really it wasn’t until I was able to "dish the details" with my Mom, then the royal wedding was complete.    Somehow speaking with my mom, my friend, my rock about the perfect dress, the sweet loving glances and comments between the royal couple and “oh how we loved the second dress” did the royal wedding become a meaningful event.   My mom is the one woman on this earth that gets it me --- with a word or a full length ramble, a glance or a complete stare.  She has always been able to read my mind and my heart.  I loved talking wedding with her but honestly, I love talking anything with her.  

It’s Mother’s Day week and we should celebrate!

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