Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The life of a Step-Mo

In an effort to be the best Step-Mo around I am reading Dr. Wednesday Martin's book Stepmonster.  I am enjoying it.  It is nice to share and learn from another Step-Mo and it's nice to know I am not crazy.  I'll blog more but for now, go get the book.  I am amazed at the assumptions we have as Step-Mo and ex-wife and biological mom.  We really do ourselves no favors as women.  Yesterday I shared a snippet of the book with the World's Greatest Husband and he gave me the sweetest compliments about my journey as Step-Mo. His words made me feel like a Step-Mo rock star.   Yes, there are many reasons why I married him and he is clearly one of the reasons why this family of seven works!  This path is not easy, glamorous or what I had ever imagined for myself - - -  but possible with him by my side.

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