Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dear Governor Malloy - With Thanks - Paper Mom

Dear Governor Malloy,

Well it’s your one year anniversary and traditional gift giving etiquette lists paper as the appropriate anniversary gift so in the spirit of tradition, I think it is only fitting to celebrate with an anniversary PAPER Mom post. Get it? PAPER? PAPER MOM?

From a rowdy town hall meeting in Norwich  (see my Paper Mom votes for Malloy post on 3/10/11) to a family field trip to the capitol ( see my Paper Mom meets the governor fun day post on 4/21/11 )  to a calculated anniversary discussion, our paths have crossed again.  A year later, I have to say – I am still a Governor Dannel Malloy fan.  A bit older, smarter and settled, I write to say thank you.
I walked out of your Town Hall Meeting  last March encouraged,  it served as a little government pep rally for me,  but as the year went on I became cautious and I would go so far as to say, fearful.  Like the spouse of many state employees, I spent many nights worrying about the stability of the World’s Greatest Husband’s position.  I have worried for the growth of our town knowing that funding is a constant issue, what does that mean to our five kids and their education? Will our Library have to once again close for two weeks?  Will our most fragile citizens and the organizations that support them have an opportunity to grow and strengthen so we can be a stronger community?  Yes, even with our busy life with five children, I find lots of time to worry. 

The truth is, a year later I feel hopeful.  I can’t entirely explain it because we still struggle to pay our bills, our city budget remains fragile and my kids are still picky eaters - But I am hopeful.  Maybe it’s the spirit of the New Year and my renewed mind-set that life is good.  Whatever it is, I’ve made a choice to focus on the positive because where does the negative get us? 

Tonight’s conversation was well done.  Ray Hackett and the Norwich Bulletin facilitated a smart, civil, spirited opportunity to reflect on the past year.  For me, that went beyond politics.  The audience was filled with community leaders, decision makers and area notables.  I can only hope that they too felt hopeful because collectively we can work together to make Norwich and Connecticut a better place. Thank you for all the long hours, tough decisions and courage to act.  It is not an easy job.   

Paper Mom

PS – No need to worry about spending any additional time in an emergency command center due to major weather problems.  The World’s Greatest Husband had our snow blower fixed and that guarantees – NO SNOW. 

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Julie said...

I also left last nights event feeling uplifted! And proud of our Governor. Well put, Andrea.


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