Friday, January 13, 2012

Princess Diana

Do you remember watching the Royal Wedding?  Not Kate and William, I am going back… old school….remember Charles and Diana?  Ahhhh, the People’s Princess, Lady Di.  A woman of style, class, beauty and grace.  She was truly a beautiful woman.  This week I had the biggest treat.  A girl treat.  A mommy treat.  A ladies only treat….

I had an opportunity to visit Diana a Celebration an award winning exhibition that chronicles the life and work of Princess Diana.

So believe it or not I was actually able to sneak out of the house twice this week with two gal pals.  We had the day planned for last Sunday but the wait for the exhibit was two hours.  We decided to grab a bite to eat and visit the exhibit on a week night when the line wasn’t so overwhelming (good choice but honestly our dinner date took longer than it would have been to wait in line and visit the exhibit) BONUS FOR ME – two nights out.

The exhibit was one of those moments of wonder and joy.  It was delightful and made you love Princess Diana even more.  The wedding gown was stunning.  The 28 displayed suits, dresses and gowns? Breathtaking.  It was a feel good, girlfriend kind of day.   

Visit the website to learn more and watch a video clip.

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