Monday, March 26, 2012

Parents of the Year!

We are certainly scarring our children with their birthday celebrations.... not intentionally but year after year, it's happening.

Last night while celebrating our little cub scouts 8th birthday he declared - Now, I want an eight candle on my cake, none of this creative math on the cake.  Seriously, he said it.  I am not kidding.  That is because on occasion we have to do creative cake math... like a number 5 candle plus 2 single candles or a number 9 candle plus two singles.... you get the picture, one year we even had to do subtraction.

In addition, this past December the World's Greatest Husband and I both searched and searched and finally put the one and four candles on the cake for our 15 year old.  What were we thinking?  Calling a 15 year old 14, doesn't go over so well.

One of our eleven year olds received a bike last August.  Well it was an IOU because she specifically wanted a yellow bike which we were on the hunt for but had not found.  um, we still haven't found it...  It's become quite a joke in our house.... so much so that the kids were joking with the cub scout last night, stating I hope it's not a bike as he started to open his gifts.
poor girl.

Now today our oldest child turns 17.  My husband who is home sick was still a trooper and got our high schoolers up for school, sick and all.  My husband gets our birthday boy (yes we have 3 family birthdays in March) up and out the door for school without ever wishing him a happy birthday.

Yep, pretty much going to hell over this birthday stuff.

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