Friday, March 23, 2012

Singing and Laughing

I had a little giggle today.
Driving home from Target I listened to an NPR interview with Elmo, the sweet, little red Sesame Street monster that everyone loves.  It made me have a happy heart.  While at an intersection the NPR show played a clip of Elmo singing, with it being a warm day, I had my windows down and I was rocking it out with Elmo until I realized a man standing on the corner was having a good giggle on me singing my heart out with Elmo.  I believe he was looking for the car seat of a little one in the back, the laughter clearly came when he realized there was no little cupcake singing with momma.  Sometimes it's good to laugh at yourself.

I can't tell you the countless times when the babes were little that I would finally sneak away to the grocery store without children and I would sing to Barney, Lori Berkner or the Wiggles all the way to the store before realizing, wait..... there are no kids with me I can listen to grown up radio.  Over the years the music has changed... the High School Musical CD, Selina Gomez and Justin Bieber.  These days I take a stand and really don't let them change the NPR setting - well, a lot of good that did me today, eh?


LDH said...

ha... your story made me smile too. You must just have a very happy heart :)

Julie said...

I can totally picture you doing this!


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