Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Vera Bradley Bargain!

Are you one of those women who gets a bit giddy over finding a bargain? Well sit down, do I have a story for you.
Actually, giddy doesn't even begin to cover it.
This past weekend while vacationing in paradise, we decided to end our trip with a visit to the Miromar Outlet Center.  While looking at the property map and printing my special invitation for a discount coupon book, I squealed with delight to learn that there was a Vera Bradley outlet.  I've been to the Wrentham outlet Vera Bradley store a few times and I knew I was in for a deal and Grammy had already promised one mini hipster for the birthday girl!

Little did I know what sort of deal I would find ----

Fast forward -
So when walking in to the Vera Bradley store the sales clerk said, "Welcome, it's buy one get one free" and handed me a postcard.  I admit my heart did a little jump.  The store is so overwhelming with every pattern and style packed to the rafters.   It sends a fan like me into a little tizzy.

Now, I assumed that the "Buy One, Get One" referred to the pretty little items on the postcard.  I quickly realized that the intense energy and glazed eyes that my fellow woman shoppers had was all about "BUY ONE ANYTHING and GET ONE ANYTHING" not just what was printed on the postcard, it was for anything in the entire STORE.  So after looking with disbelief at my mom and daughter while giving high fives and thumbs up, it was time to shop like the girls we were trained to be.

After an hour and a half we decided on our purchases and proceeded to the register.  The sales clerk, yes I love that sales clerk, asked if I would like to receive a birthday gift.  I said yes and registered.  My daughter pipes up with "Well it's actually my birthday" so the clerk or as I affectionately remember her, sales goddess announces "then we will have to give you your $20 coupon off today" -  My mother chimes in with, "Oh I got that in May" and never used it and the Sales Queen announces, "Well then let's give you your coupon too"  We looked at each other again in disbelief, another $40 dollars off the deep discount and the buy one get one..... only to shyly follow up with "hmmm, I guess we won't even ask about the 15% discount coupon book savings"  when my favorite sales clerk in the whole wide world states... "Oh yes, we will give that to you too"

It was one of those foggy moments where life starts to blur a bit.... really? Wow.  A few minutes later we skipped out of the store  with $283 dollars worth of retail Vera Bradley for only $50 bucks.  Yes, you read that right.... $50 for $283 worth of Vera Bradley.  We were so thrown by the the discount we had to go sit on a bench and recalculate the savings and look at the sales slip with pride and joy.

We don't get to shop as Mother, daughter and grand daughter very often and when we do we call it a "Club Meeting"  let's just say, that was one club meeting I will never forget.

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Vanessa said...

ha! I love it! " it was time to shop like the girls we were trained to be" best quote ever!


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