Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I broke on my summer vacation

We were only at my parents home for a few hours when we started to break things, like a lot of things.  But honestly, nothing on purpose!

So what did we break? Well for starters, in the first 24 hours, good morning, we popped an air mattress.
Only to be followed by knocking down the blinds on the sliding glass door in our bedroom.
The kids in a little argument and slight slam knocked the computer keyboard sliding shelf off the track.
Ran a curb with the brand new cadillac at Burger King (and my two couldn't wait to squeal and tell grandpa)

I painted my dearest little niece's nails at kitchen table, got nail polish remover on the table and took the finish right off the table.  Now that was a doozie - But having the loving, good parents, that I do, they simply said, "Oh we were going to get that refinished anyway"
We may not be invited back for some time......

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