Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Direction? DVR? VCR? no, You Tube Silly!

And the generation gap widens...(once again)
I was thrilled to stumble upon "ONE DIRECTION'S" performance on SNL last night.  Being a good Paper Mom and Step-Mo, I quickly DVRed the performance for my two tweens to enjoy.  They are so into this band of Cutie-Patooties!  So this morning, with a bright smile I happily announced, "I taped One Direction for you last night.  They sing two songs"  Excitement abounds As the performance starts, until  tween one announces, "OH, I've already seen this on you-tube."
So apparently, SNL was a re-run and I am still in the DVR age, I guess that is better than the VCR age? It's the thought that counts right?
I continue to pray to get through these next few years.....

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