Friday, September 24, 2010

Those were the days...Underwear with Tags

Lord knows I have issues.

But I don’t get this whole sensory thing that is emerging with my kids…
My underpants… my socks… the tag… the stitching… it bothers me… it itches….
The whole tagless undergarment initiative is causing me stress because when the tagless is dirty and you have dress with tags it makes for a nerve-racking morning.

When I was a child I wore underpants with tags, big scratchy tags, sometimes they were even baggy underpants, too big, with room to grow, sometimes they were my older underpants and a tad too tight, a little uncomfortable, some days I had to wear the pair embroidered with Sunday on a Wednesday!   And socks? I was lucky to have them.

What the heck are we doing to our kids?


Sheena Simpson said...

I couldn't help it this cracked me up. I have a child with sensory processing disorder, so while I have these issues in earnest. Reading it in someone else's life is hilarious.

Paper Mom said...

Glad to make you giggle. I'll say a prayer for you, you say one for me. I am sure you are faced with many challenges with sensory processing disorder. The tagless is probably a blessing in your family. I think my kids have more of an "attitude disorder" or a "too many choices disorder" when it comes to tags in our family! Happy to share a laugh with you.

Julie said...

This brings back such memories of growing up! My younger sister (whom I love dearly) had so much trouble dressing in the morning - her shoes were too tight, or her sweater was itchy, or she could find nothing that matched, or she liked what I had on better. Believe me, there were mornings I took off what I had on to give to her to wear just so we could be to school on time! Unfortunately, I think parents and children have been struggling with this one for years.


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