Monday, September 20, 2010

Yours, Mine and Ours

It’s Monday, Monday, Monday.  I am listening to favorite radio talk show host Gayle King as I type, which is appropriate because after my Oprah birthday video, I’ve decided to dedicate Monday’s to Oprah and Gayle.  I may sound crazy… but Oprah lets my mind dream big for 60 minutes.  She often says “If you can dream it, you can do it.” 

So here are my Sisterly Oprah and Gayle reflections for today….
Call me a geek but I jotted down a little "O quote" from the Friday show… Oprah gave a family a house and Favorite Decorator Nate too.  Oprah said, “Surround your home with beauty… I believe your house should rise up and meet you” 
So it got me thinking… like only Oprah can……  
I miss my old, little, tiny house, more than I ever like to really admit.  I miss my big back room, my HUGE old wooden office desk, my single woman girly comforter; I sometimes miss the entertainment center I bought at a yard sale (that was such a find!)  
My advice to any blended family - if you can, buy a new home together! It is hard to “move in” and “merge” when it’s his house or her house.  I’ve shared this with other "blended peeps" and they agree.  I sold most of my stuff in a yard sale because we couldn’t merge it all.  It was an exercise in indentifying what was truly important to me.  It was therapeutic to shed myself of an old painful life but the whole merging thing goes to another level… children, their things, their rooms, the way it always has been, the way it becomes… buying new dishes was an event…..sometimes I wonder, how have we even got to today…… and the house is really only one little, tiny, tiny piece of our blended life.  I guess love carries us even when the sofa is being carried down the driveway for $50 bucks at the yard sale.
The World's Greatest Husband and I are working on making this house rise up  but more importantly we are trying to raise 5 kids who rise in a home filled with love and support.

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Sheena Simpson said...

Houses are just a small piece but also the heart of a family. Ours says chaos reigns and maybe animals too. lol


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