Thursday, September 2, 2010

coffee customer service

I love good customer service.  As I get older, I love it more and more.  Although I guess I view customer service as a fine line…. Because here is example that could be viewed as good customer service but it annoys me ….I think I am getting particular as I approach 40.

Ordering my morning coffee...
I like to enjoy a “medium hazelnut cream one sweet-n-low.”  I have found lately that means… two squirts of hazelnut? How much cream? Here is an extra sweet and low just in case it didn’t all get in there.   People, people, people… please... medium hazelnut cream one sweet and low should not come with additional questions other than kind pleasantries like the weather, happy day well wishing and possibly world or community news comments….Good coffee customer service means there is a complete understanding of medium hazelnut cream one sweet-n-low without additional questioning.  I know, I know, I know, maybe I am just a crank pot! But honestly I appreciate the coffee maker who hears the order and makes the order, no questions asked.  It makes the coffee yummier and the tip bigger.

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