Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Girl is Bus Meat

Our high school freshman is on the bus…
My mom used to call that “bus meat.”
I never rode the bus in high school.  I refused.  I guess I was a spoiled brat on the one.
I managed to avoid being “bus meat” and snag a ride from a neighbor and then there was my little Blue Dodge Omni.    Our girl tried to finagle her way a ride too.  The neighbor, mom can come pick me up etc. We have stood our ground and insisted on the bus…. Partly because of the logistics of five kids, it helps to have a paid driver with no strings attached and partly because being “bus meat” builds character.  And besides in this day and age, it’s like I am on the bus with her, I’ve received seven text messages to keep me abreast as to where she is sitting, where the bus is going and who is hopping on.
I hope she puts the phone away when she gets to school.

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