Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another author to love...

I just finished reading Playdate by Thelma Adams.  I heard about this book while listening to Faith Middleton on NPR.  She knows how to pick em!

Ok ladies… I started reading while waiting for my 16 year old son to finish up a physical therapy appointment and I think I was blushing.  I kept the book tight on my lap, not to show a soul the cover.  I started to sweat a little… maybe because my kid was nearby or maybe because I felt like it wasn’t lady like to be reading such details in the middle of a busy waiting room?  Yep, this book has a few scenes that made me feel like a college girl again.  When I shared the first chapter (yes, I said first chapter!) with the World’s Greatest Husband he said, “Hmm maybe you should read to me at bedtime”  I must admit, he made me chuckle with that one!

Anyway, the book was well done.  It was a quick read full of drama and tantric sex.  I enjoyed this little escape and other than not wanting to share the book cover with my five kids, I am happy to encourage you to grab a copy and get lost in a little house wives or should I say house husbands….. drama.   More importantly you can dive into a story that examines modern day parenting while exploring the balancing act of marriage, family, work and self, truly a balancing act that we all struggle with.  You can follow Thelma Adams on Facebook and Twitter.  


Thelmadams said...

Thanks, Paper Mom, for recognizing a kindred spirit in my book -- even if it made you blush a bit. Enjoy your husband!

And, trust me, your opinion matters!

All best,

Thelma Adams, Playdate!

Paper Mom said...

So happy you found Paper Mom. Thanks for stopping by.
Paper Mom


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