Monday, April 11, 2011

The obvious...

Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious....
While shopping this weekend I stumbled upon a deal that couldn't be beat... men's extra long ties for $6 at JCPenney.  The World's Greatest Husband insists on an "extra long tie." Although the selection isn't as good in the extra long tie market and the prices are higher... I am always hopeful.  The clearance ties were all solid silks, see what I mean? variety and style gets lost in the extra long tie arena no snazzy patterns.  So fuschia, teal or purple are my choices.  I stood there for 20 minutes debating.... bright ties, solid ties, cheap ties.  I decided on the purple, which was the deepest and less bright of the three.  I felt unsure, uneasy and a bit tentative when unveiling my super bargain.  Only to my surprise and delight, the World's Greatest Husband announces...
Oooh, my school colors... perfect.
Hahahah!  I never thought of the fact that the man is an administrator in a school where the color is PURPLE!  Perfect for spirit day, game day and graduation..... sometimes the obvious is not so obvious and when the obvious is on clearance, all the better!
Happy Monday Paper Peeps!

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