Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog, blog, blog... I need my keep me sane.

It's Monday at 8:17am.  It feels like Wednesday 9:30pm.  I've done more than what should be legally allowed for a Monday morning!

I have many posts floating in my head.... now if I could just carve out a few minutes this week to blog about:

Oprah - Did you watch Master Class?  seriously, this woman brings goosebumps to my soul every single time I pay attention to her.  I wanted to take notes.... lucky for me I have it on my DVR.

Grey's Anatomy  - Did you watch the music video episode.  What were they thinking?  I watched because that is what I do but it seemed sort of silly.  Callie has a nice voice and I thought she looked amazing.  I did burst into sobbing crying at one point.  I am not kidding, it sort of shocked me... but they sang a song that made me think of an old friend and it was sort of too much for me to handle.  So I guess they did ok if the episode evoked that much emotion out of me... but I still vote for silly.

And the post I know you are waiting for.... 
We made the high school baseball team and softball team.  Softball for little girls starts this week and baseball for the cub scout starts on Sat.  Yep, it's my favorite season.  I think just the thought of spring makes me tense and moody.  Get ready for those fun, stressful posts... I've already had one breakdown.  

Ok Paper Peeps, have a good week.  check back soon.  I hope to blog to keep me sane this week.

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