Thursday, April 21, 2011

Paper Mom Meets the Governor - A Fun Day!

Well yesterday was a BIG day!  Remember a while back when I posted about my affection for Governor Dannel Malloy?  Well “his people” contacted “my people” and today we were able to visit with the Governor himself.  It was a thrill and a memory for both me, the World’s Greatest Husband and three out of five kids.  But let’s not kid ourselves; I was the one with stars in my eyes.  Our oldest two missed all the action because they are making big memories with Mickey Mouse as they march in a few parades where the weather is much warmer.

 So our little trip started off like any special family event that “us moms” know all too well… a few arguments about what to wear, what not to wear and early morning showers for all. Despite the sassiness of two tweens we did manage to get out the door and arrived early on dear Dannel’s doorstep.  I felt sort of like royalty when the front desk called up to the Governor’s office to announce our arrival.  Minutes later we were all sitting and chatting like old friends.  He was warm, interested and sweetly trying to draw out our three shell shocked kids.  Our cub scout was the most comfortable.  Which by the way confirms my motherly instinct that my kid may actually be the governor one day!

A picture here, a picture there… and out the door we go. 

On our way out we were greeted by Governor Malloy’s right hand man, Roy Ochiogrosso he clearly stated he is a Paper Mom fan (at least for the five minutes he read my post.)  At this point I felt a little woozy from the whole experience and my tendency to rattle on (and on) seemed to take shape.  Silly, silly Paper Mom, I really need to learn how to shut up sometimes.  He was kind and also made the kids feel like rock stars.

The icing on the cake? This is where the story gets good!
I of course went directly to Wal-Mart to develop my photographs.  I hemmed and hawed, should I be so bold to print a 5x7 of me and the Governor for my desk? After some debating in my head, I went for it and ordered 1 – 5x7.  When the Wal-Mart associate, who called me over by name (you know how I love, love, love good customer service) and said he made a mistake and accidentally printed an 8x10 of me and my husband, I didn’t think much of it.   Many of the photos being printed were of me and the World’s Greatest Husband (this print job included photos from Christmas through today).  He then proceeded to open up the folder and show me the mistake.  I blurted out… that’s not my husband, that’s the Governor!  His reply? I thought he looked familiar.   

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