Friday, April 15, 2011

Five for Friday

Five for Friday - Here are Five Great Things about Today:
1. Vacation starts today!
2. It has been a very, very, very busy week.  Last night our teenagers at dinner at 10:30PM, and I am not kidding!  So Friday has never felt so good...  although the calendar is full for the next vacation week, it will help to have time away from work.  My brain needs a break.  My focus needs to be refueled.  
3. My kids and his kids are gone for the next 48 hours.  That comes at the exact right moment because after this week, I am not sure of the World's Greatest Husband's name..... 
4. Going to the movies this weekend.... 
5. Spent the morning with my step daughter.  She is sick.  Even though the circumstance wasn't fun our time together was nice.  We giggled and snuggled until her mom came to take her to the pediatrician. 
6. BONUS:  Finishing a special scrapbook for my beautiful little niece.

Have a good weekend paper peeps.... 

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